Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So I came back to modding and the SA drift scene overall, I decided to modify a S13, I worked alot on it and the base I used was FR_style's 326 power s13, so the idea is basically the same but I reworked the whole interior for example, and it has a new back bumper, windowstickers, engine and the list goes on. its not really that good because I havent modded in a while and this is like the first mod in ages for me, so hope you like it and all the credits are in the end.

  And thanks alot to my mates Vorbis, Gred and Aaidan for helping me out alot! :)

    Credits : D.K wheelshop, FR_style, submotoring, mrvorbis07,tom

Parts list :
SR20det engine
AVS model5 rims
New dashboard + gauges + KEY!S steering wheel
New shifter + hydraulic handbrake
Sparco seats + Takata belts
A straight pipe

Download? no, not yet, I wanna see how much people actually want this and then ill think about the download.

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